VietOpenInfra third webinar - 14th Jan. 2019

Yay, finally after the new year holiday we can organize the third upstream training webinar for OpenStack developers in Vietnam [1]. This time we invited Kendall Nelson [2], Upstream Developer Advocate for the OpenStack Foundation, to teach us about the Storyboard [3] and Launchpad [4] task management tools (she's also one of the core developers of the Storyboard project).

We first started with the Jitsi conferencing platform [5] but we could not communicate with Kendall (in the US) for some reason. So, we decided to switch back to Zoom [6] and everything went well after that. There were about 12 people attended the webinar and we had a good conversation with Kendall about some aspects of Storyboard which is quite new to some users. You can check out the conversation (log chat) here [7]. Below is the recorded video:

We would like to say thanks to Kendall Nelson for her kind acceptance to teach us this time even though the schedule was pretty early for her (6AM her time). We learned a lot from her presentation and even someone in the audiences would want to contribute to the Storyboard project (here are some low hanging fruit to work on [9]).

P/S: You can follow this link [8] for the previous webinars.