Searchlight weekly report - Stein R-12,11,10,9

For the last four weeks, we're working on hardening our multi-vision and preparing for the Open Infrastructure Summit in Denver this April [1]. The team had submitted one session to discuss and showcase our progress on implementing the multi-cloud features [2] and waiting for voting results.

For the Denver summit, we decided to give a demonstration of Searchlight that has:

  • Search resources across multiple OpenStack Clouds [3]
  • Frontend UI that adds the views for multi-cloud search [4]

So, from now to before the summit, we will focus on developing the [3] and [4] features for Searchlight. For more details about our multi-cloud vision for Searchlight, please have a look at [5].

Btw, It's the Lunar New Year now in Viet Nam. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!