Backup and Restore your Google Site

The public Google Sites (old version) does not give you an option to download a backup of your site so it will be a problem if you want to migrate to another place. Fortunately, a project (was originally hosted on Google Code) on Github that can make a copy of your site: "...using HTML Microformats it generates an XHTML version of Sites content suitable for offline browsing and simple HTTP hosting, which is also able to be losslessly imported back into sites."

In Ubuntu you can use the tool as follows:

1. Install Java (I tested it with OpenJDK 8)

2. Download the jar package (It's version 1.0.6 when I'm writing this post):

3. Execute the jar file to open the graphic interface:

java -jar google-sites-liberation-1.0.6-jar-with-dependencies.jar


Host: If not, specifies the Site's …

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My pre-wedding video clip


How to output logs of OpenStack Tacker to a file in devstack

It's quite useful for developers to see the logs of Tacker when we try to deploy vnf, vnffg, or ns etc... It was disabled by default so you need to enable it:

1. Modify the Tacker's configuration:

$ sudo nano /etc/tacker/tacker.conf

2. Adjust the log_file variable with the log file path:

log_file = /opt/stack/logs/tacker.log

3. Restart Tacker

$ sudo systemctl restart devstack@tacker

Now you will see everything happen in the background when you do something with Tacker. For example:

* Open a separate terminal and see the log in real time

$ tail -n 100 -f /opt/stack/logs/tacker.log

* On another terminal, do something like import a new vnfd template:

$ tacker vnfd-create --vnfd-file vnfd.yaml vIDS-TEMPLATE

* Back to the log terminal, you will see what is going on

Error when creating Forwarding Graph in OpenStack Tacker

The problem when you learn something by reading old blog posts is that the technology may have already been changed since the date of the post so you're most likely to get into trouble just like me.

I followed some tutorial online about creating a VNF forwarding graph or a service function chain in OpenStack tacker and got this error:

$ tacker vnffg-create --vnffgd-name VNFFG-TEMPLATE MY-VNFFG

BadRequest: Flow Classifier conflicts with another Flow Classifier 564c5506-8fe7-4b1d-b76d-8eb1768463aa

According to the error above, I tried to delete the flow classifier:

$ neutron flow-classifier-list
$ neutron flow-classifier-delete <the classifier ID>

and I got a new error... what?

BadRequest: FlowClassifier a5b3185a-4d2b-41a0-a54d-5cdea5ae2bed does not set logical source port in ovs driver

I'd looked everywhere for clues but jeez... helpless!!! It turned out that the vnffgd TOSCA syntax has been changed to address the multiple flow classifiers (I'm running devstack master bran…