Terry Fox Run 2016

Just want to write this down. It's my honor to be the School's Terry Fox Run coordinator last year (2016). The previous person had left without giving me any information about how to organize the event at the school so I have to start from scratch.

Luckily, I was able to contact the Cancham, the main organizer of Terry Fox Run Ho Chi Minh City and they helped me a lot. I then created a spreadsheet including everything I need to do to make the event happens (volunteers, logistic, t-shirt sale, contacts, date and time...). I also made this a template and share it with the committee hoping that it can be useful for other organizations that want to join the effort.

The registration and T-shirt sales went well and we met our goals. SSIS volunteers (students) are very helpful and they were really pro-active to deal with problems during the run. They made the Terry Fox Run HCMC 2016  a huge success. I was very proud of them.

Terry Fox Run HCMC 2016 will be a great page in my memory.

Add Back-to-Top button to your Tikiwiki

When browsing the Tikiwiki forum, I noticed the Back-to-Top button which is pretty useful and I want to bring it to my own Tikiwiki. But, the thing is there is no documentation about it so I have to look into the HTML source of the forum. It turned out that It's quite simple:

1. What you need to do first is to create a custom module:


In the Custom Modules tab -> Add this to the Data text field:

<div class="backtotop"><a href="#top" title="Back To Top">⌅</a></div>

-> Click Save

2. Then, assign the custom module to the Bottom section:

Go to Assigned Modules -> Bottom tab -> Add module -> Select your Back to Top module
Make sure these parameter was set:

Position: bottom
Parameters: nobox=y

-> Click Assign

3. Go to Look & Feel, Customization tab, add this CSS:

.backtotop {
bottom: 3rem;
position: fixed;
right: 3rem;
.backtotop a:after {
border-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0) rgba…

How to embedded mp4 video into Tikiwiki

Hello folks, I know that you realized that Tikiwiki is a pain in the ass to make it work properly for you. But, I believe after you go through all the initial setups, everything will be good. For example, I's trying to embedded an attached mp4 video into a wiki page but I couldn't find a working manual until this morning. Here is the trick:

In the Insert MediaPlayer panel, make sure you set type of the video is : video/mp4.

And the wiki syntax will look like this:

{mediaplayer fullscreen="true" src="tiki-download_file.php?fileId=91&display" type="video/mp4" width="100%" style="native" mediatype="video"}

Fix 100% CPU usage by w3wp.exe (IIS 7)

One of my windows servers was using 100% CPU very often. Every time it encountered that usage level, I had to restart the server. That fixed the issue at that time but then It would come back later. So after looking deeper into the problem for a while, I finally figured out what causing it and how to fix it.

It's the w3wp.exe process which is the IIS worker process that eating all the CPU for some reasons. Then the workaround is to increase the number of worker per app in IIS Manager:

1.Go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

2. Expand the view to [Server Name] > Application Pools.

3. Right click on your app pool and select Advanced Settings....

4. Under Process Model section, set the Maximum Worker Processes... to 2 or higher.

5. Click on OK to save the settings.

6. Restart the App Pool by right clicking and select Stop then Start.

7. Make sure the session stays in all processes:

- Go to Start > Control Pane…

How to fix Google Drive app hangs at "one moment please..."

I was trying to install google drive app on my Windows server 2012 R2 and after I entered all the login information, the app hang up at "one moment please..." which is forever. So here is a fix:

Open Control PanelGo to Network and InternetGo to Internet OptionsOpen Security TabClick Trusted sitesClick the "site" buttonCopy & paste to "Add this website to the zone" and click Add button Try to login again to Google Drive app and everything will be ok.